Smart Choice Constrcution for Sustainable Building on the Isle of Man

Welcome to Smart Choice Construction which is dedicated to becoming ever more knowledgeable and important to the building of Sustainable homes for the future.

Sustainable Building is suitable for everyone – whether you are planning a totally new build focusing on sustainable materials and renewable power or you just want to try to introduce some sustainability into your present home or garden.

In truth, the term sustainable build means different things to different people. Some people think that by simply building a new house which uses renewable power they have created a ‘sustainable’ building.

But of course, like most things in life, the truth is just a little more complicated. To truly encompass a sustainable build, you would need to consider everything from the buildings location and environmental impact to the materials used and the power installed. And it doesn’t end there – also you would have to consider its impact right through to the buildings end life and the environmental degradation it could cause when it is eventually demolished.

This involves a whole host of decisions such as where to build, what to build with and whether you can incorporate at least some renewable energy resource. At Smart Choice Construction we adopt an approach to identify, comply and implement planned and remedial measures to meet these requirements and improve your living standards.